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Video reveals what we value by what it captures, what we keep, and what insights it give us.

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Technology transforms performance

Are you able to recall everything that transpires with your team’s match performance? Studies show that coaches only remember 30% of key factors during a match that determined success. Video analysis can objectively reveal the missing 70%. Our job starts with you: understanding your analysis need and budget, so we can offer you options that make sense.

Products and Services


Sports video analysis has been the domain of professional sports for the past 10 years and sadly its exorbitant price tag has kept it out of reach of most elite and amateur sports teams. Nacsport, a sports software development company has disrupted this market by producing very affordable comparative video analysis products with pricing starting as little as $190.

Our Nacsport products offer complete video analysis tools that cater for coaches and analysts of all levels from beginners, advanced to expert.


Our KlipDraw range of products offer animation telestration tools for drawing on videos to illustrate your ideas. KlipDraw also complements and works with other video analysis products and is integrated with all Nacsport video analysis products.


Video analysis is synonymous with improving team performances and a video sharing platform is a mandatory requirement for coaches and analysts to share their analysis work. Sharimg is our online and interactive platform to exchange videos with your community and has direct integration with Nacsport products.

Performance Analysis Consulting Expertise (P.A.C.E)

You require video analysis but do not have a dedicated analysis department or the capacity to “code” and analyse: our consulting service (P.A.C.E) has elite Performance Analysts that are available to assist and partner with you.

Video Analysis for non-sport sectors

Video analysis allows you to assess and improve the performance of different daily processes, by analysing observable parameters and creating data that is linked to your videos. Performance analysis tools offer professionals from different fields the chance to evaluate behaviours, by providing them with quality information that can be used to make better decisions and understand performance. Click here

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