Getting started

Which product?

Nacsport products comparison

The following table shows you the main functionalities of each of the video analysis products, to help you decide the version that is right for you. Click here.

Hardware and systems requirements

Computer hardware specifications, operating system requirements and capture devices needed for live coding. Click here.

Downloading the software

To download Nacsport software. Click here. To download KlipDraw software. Click here.

Installing the license key

Instructions on how to enter the Nacsport and KlipDraw license keys.. Click here.

User Manuals

A list of the Nacsport user manuals. Click here.

Nacsport Tutorials

A list of video tutorials for a quick start as well as a complete playlist of all the video tutorials per product. Click here.

KlipDraw Tutorials

A playlist of all the video tutorials for KlipDraw range of products. Click here.

What is needed to code live games

The following video demonstrates how to use the video capture device (AverMedia) for coding live games. Click here.

Run Nacsport and KlipDraw software on Apple computers (Mac OS X)

Nacsport and KlipDraw video analysis software have been designed for the Windows operating system and cannot be installed directly on a Mac OS X operating system. However, if you have an Apple computer (not iPad) you will able to install Windows on it and run our software by means of one of the two following methods.

Boot Camp – An easy way to install Windows is by using Boot Camp which is an Application installed by default on all Macs. Once Windows is installed, run Windows using Boot Camp and install the Nacsport or KlipDraw software. More information on Boot Camp can be found here.

Emulation software – Another way to install Windows on an Apple computer is by using an emulation software like Virtual Box, VM Ware Fusion or Parallels Desktop. Click on the following links for more information – Virtual Box, VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop.

Let’s choose your products.

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