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Sports video analysis has been the domain of professional sports for the past 10 years and sadly its exorbitant price tag has kept it out of reach of most elite and amateur sports teams. Nacsport, a sports software company based in Spain has disrupted this market by producing very affordable comparative video analysis product with pricing starting as little as $150. 

EOM5 trading as Video Analysis Africa, the sole distributors and resellers of Nacsport products in South Africa, has established the Nacsport brand in South Africa since 2015 promoting sports video analysis to elite and amateur sports teams, and at the same time helped in removing the negative perception that it is too costly and only for the professional sports domain. The success of the Nacsport brand in South Africa created the opportunity for EOM5 to expand into the rest of Africa and in April 2019 launched Video Analysis Africa with the mission of promoting and encouraging the use of sports video analysis software in Africa.

Our History

East of the M5 (EOM5) was formed when a father and son team joined forces using their specialised skills to form a company that specializes in video analysis software with Chris Freddy, the father, an experienced Solutions Architect and Software Developer, and Ashlin an elite sportsman who represented South Africa in field hockey. Ashlin was introduced to video analysis as early as 2007 as an athlete playing for South Africa and European clubs abroad, and saw the immense benefit of using this technology to improve team performances as it removes all the negative emotions when the athlete sees their performances objectively critiqued by the coaches. 

In 2014 Ashlin was introduced to Nacsport video analysis software while playing hockey in Europe and in 2015 EOM5 secured the sole distribution and reseller rights for South Africa. However, there was a missing link as coaches and video analysts found it tedious to distribute their analysis (video clips) amongst their respective teams. Chris entered the frame and designed and developed VSAS, a Video Sharing and Analysis System, a software platform that is Cloud based for sharing videos over the Internet and On-premise for coaches that prefer not to have their video sharing available on the Internet.

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