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We have introduced a performance analysis consulting service to assist customers that do not have the capacity to perform all the steps needed in video analysis. We have identified a challenge facing a number of coaches, they only have the capacity to present to the team during the video feedback sessions and have limited time to perform all the workflow steps like video recording, coding and analysis. PACE addresses this problem as described as follows.

Video analysis dilemma for coaches

  • Where do I find the time? I’m coaching more than one team
  • We don’t have the budget to set up a video analysis department
  • Video analysis seems complicated and costly, and only for wealthy clubs
  • I’m not very good with computers. Is the software easy to learn and to use?
  • I understand the need for video analysis, but how do I get started, who can assist us?
  • I don’t have time to “code”. I’ve only got time to present the video analysis at team sessions
  • Sometimes we play on Sundays. How do we get the video analysis done in time for Monday team sessions?

What is PACE?

  • Some teams have their own in-house performance analyst team
  • Other teams opt to outsource this service to trusted performance analyst consultants on a contractual basis
  • Our team of elite performance analyst consultants are available to assist hockey, rugby, cricket, and soccer teams
  • Our service offering extends to both insourced and outsourced performance analyst teams

P.A.C.E – Insourced

  • Caters for teams with their own performance analysts to do the first four steps
  • We ascertain your performance analysis needs and budget constraints
  • We recommend the best fit performance analysis solution for you
  • We train your performance analysts on how to best use the technology
  • We provide ad hoc consulting services to support your performance analysts to best achieve the desired video analysis results

P.A.C.E – Outsourced

  • For teams who’d like our performance analysts to do the first four process steps
  • We offer in-match (live coding) and post-match (video coding) analysis
  • Our post-match analysis can be delivered within 24 hours of receiving the video footage
  • All coding is done with templates tailored to your specific needs
  • Our live coding service can be extended to include streaming analysis to the coaches during matches using Nacsport Coach Station
  • All analysis is sent to the coaching staff, where it can be shared and/or presented, using our VSAS solution

Outsourced – How it works

  • We design the analysis templates based on your coaching philosophy and strategies
  • We record the games and training sessions, or you film
  • The videos are loaded on our online video-sharing platform (VSAS)
  • Our experienced performance analysts code the games and provide feedback with in-clip comments, drawings and animations
  • Our analysts create the video presentations for the coach’s video feedback sessions
  • We load the analysed videos on VSAS making them available to the coaching staff
  • The coach downloads the analysed video clips or views online on VSAS and conducts the video feedback session with the team

Outsourced – our value proposition

  • No upfront costs for Nacsport products
  • No need to employ a full-time analyst
  • We train your existing coaching staff in video analysis
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Contact us for more details and pricing

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