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VISTA Digital Applications

Screening or Shortlisting based on competencies identified

Assessment can also be completed virtually by watching a live video-streaming of the interview, whileapplying same objective assessment criteria. Ratings are calculated across all panel members to inform your selection decision.

VISTA Features

Simplifying the recruitment process

1. Capture

Capture the interview using any device that can perform video and audio recording (e.g. video recorder, mobile device, GoPro), and transfer the clips to a computer with installed VISTA software.

2. Observe and Register

Selecting the recruitment template
The interview is assessed

Assessment ratings

Select a recruitment template specific to the assessment and select the competency you are assessing against. Templates are reusable and customisable to accurately address your organisation’s unique objectives. At the end of the interview process, all assessment ratings across panel members are rolled up to highlight the candidate of choice

3. Analyse

Analyse data gained from the conducted interviews for confident decision making. The matrix can be exported to Excel for further analysis and comparisons, while dashboards provide a graphic analysis of the assessments

Analyzed data exported

4. Feedback and Improvement

Assessment outcomes with feedback notes can be shared with candidates (e.g. areas that need to be worked on and improved)

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