The sun is setting on the traditional recruitment process

VISTA – What can we do for you?

Our experience gained in providing video analysis solutions to the South African sports sector since 2015 positions us well to extend the benefits of video technology to the recruitment industry. We’ve teamed up with a Human Resource expert to refine our product and created a solution that caters specifically to talent management with an initial focus on recruitment.

What is VISTA?

Digital transformation in recruitment.

VISTA—Video Interview Solution for Talent Acquisition—is an easy-to-use video interview product that streamlines the recruitment process and enables recruiters and organisations to find exceptional talent with more flexibility and convenience.

At VISTA, our job starts with you. By understanding your needs first, we provide the most effective solution that brings speed, accuracy and support to the recruitment process.

Accurate decision-making starts with VISTA

  • Gain access to 100% objective, ​competency aligned​ information
  • Remove any perceived bias from the interviews or meetings
  • Acquire statistical data on candidate interviews
  • Utilise interview playback to assist in the final assessment decision

Reasons why VISTA will benefit your organisation

  • Interview more candidates in less time, with less effort
  • Match the required competencies to the appropriate candidate profile in no time
  • View recorded interviews at your convenience
  • Screen and compare candidates far more efficiently
  • Obtain feedback from hiring managers earlier in the hiring process
  • Ensure collaboration between panel members through both physical in-room and/or virtual presence to bring short-listed or final selection candidates closer to the right people at the right time
  • Be more confident of candidates that you want to meet in-person

What Gartner Research Groups says about video technology

Source – Gartner Research – Video Intelligence Will Save the World, Your Life and Your Job

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