1. The protection of employee data is critical for all businesses including video interview files of potential employees. All VISTA related artifacts like videos and analysis are stored on your company’s network. Online interview solutions stores the videos on their Cloud networks giving customers a link to the video. 
  2. VISTA does not require an Internet connection and can work offline to analyze and assess the video interviews. Online interview solutions requires an Internet connection and can only performs very basic video analysis like tagging text feedback to the videos.
  3. VISTA is a full blown video analysis solution and can produce videos covering various use cases emanating from the interview. For example, a hiring manager could request 1 video to be produced covering a number of candidates answering a specific question or questions. Any video production application like VISTA requires CPU and graphics power which can only be catered for by applications that executes on the local computer. This cannot be achieved by online solutions. 
  4. VISTA caters for Panel Interviews where Panel members can add their feedback to specific questions linked to the video timeline with all the respective feedbacks rolled up and collated to the video interview.
  5. VISTA incorporates scoring allowing dashboards to be produced per competency linked to the video timelines. Individual Panel member scoring are rolled up to provide a series of summary dashboards per questions or competency.
  6. VISTA complements other online interview solutions. Videos from the online solutions can be requested and used by VISTA for more detailed and advanced analysis like scoring and production of dashboard reports.

Other possible use cases

Training e.g. Presentation Skills

Training e.g. customer support

Disciplinary Hearings

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